dr ali sagoor clinic
Dr Ali grew up watching his parents do a lot of charity work. Dr Ali set up a charity clinic in The Himalayas in 2005. It offers free medical treatment in an area where there are no medical facilities for miles and miles. It is estimated that some 50 thousand people use the facilities at different times of the year.
The clinic is run by an experienced Ayurvedic Doctor who sees about 40-60 patients a day. He also has a guest house above the clinic that offers residential treatments for westerners for various types of problems. They pay a nominal fee for accommodation, food, massage and yoga. It is often full because the environment and treatment is very good. Sometimes, young people go there in their gap year  to teach in the local school, meditate in the local Tibetan Nunnery, work in the field with the villagers etc. These young people learn so much about a different kind of life.
Dr Ali educates a few bright children in the villages near the school. All of them have performed very well.