As described in Dr Ali’s first book, Integrated Health Bible, he has deep knowledge in a variety of medical systems. He was a excellent medical student who acquired in-depth knowledge of ancient Traditional forms of medicine. That puts him in a unique position to blend the best of both worlds. He coined the word ”  Integrated Medicine ” in 1982 and pursued relentlessly to establish that as yet another form of healthcare what is very powerful.

He also stressed  that all Integrated Healthcare Practitioners had to be doctors so that medicine is efficacious, safe and cost-effective, as much as possible. Integrated Medicine, he maintains, is the future of Healthcare.

Dr Ali also emphasises that patients themselves must participate in their healthcare and it is not the job of physicians alone to mend their lifestyle and take precautions to maintain their health.

He found  Hippocratic doctrine of Health and Disease, which was later developed through Ionian or Unani Medicine, was the ideal therapeutic model, because its basic principles embraced the fact that the body has an innate healing power( as in Nature) which can cure a majority of illnesses. Cuts, burns, fractures, bruises, the common cold or flu, common Diarrohea etc heal on their own. Pregnancy, breathing, blood circulation, digestion, immune system and regulation of body temperature , sleep, hormones etc are perfect examples  of how nature works in our system.

We can harness that incredible power to create health and wellbeing. Most diseases, barring infections, surgical cases, emergencies, birth anomalies or genetic defects, very acute ailments etc can be cured by nurturing that innate healing power. Roman and Greek Public Baths and Spas in ancient times, were designed to boost the self-healing power with diet, massage, exercises, steam baths, water treatments, swimming, herbal teas etc.

Dr Ali firmly believes that to boost the work of the innate healing power, natural or herbal or homeopathic remedies as well as Acupuncture, Marma Massage, Yoga, Meditation, High Altitude Therapy etc can be used for optimum healing of 80% of all illnesses, particularly the chronic ones. Medicines should be used in extreme cases, first give ” The Nature a Chance”.

That is the basic Philosophy of Dr Mosaraf Ali MD( Med), D.Ac, PG Ac (Moscow).


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