About Dr Ali Rehab Technique:

Dr Ali’s interest in Rehabilitation started in 1983 when he was living and working in Delhi. A small charity in Delhi asked him to run a clinic for polio children in a remote rural area, about 4 hours from Delhi, where there were many children who were severely disabled due to poliomyelitis. He went there twice a month and taught the parents how to massage the affected limbs, some children began to walk.

At a conference in southern India on various traditional medical techniques in India, he met with Marma Therapists. This is an ancient form of rehabilitation based on martial arts techniques. He took a few lessons and began to use it to treat stroke victims. As a doctor with keen interest in neurology, he discovered why the technique worked and began to improve on it using his own techniques. Soon the results were very noticeable.

Central Television in Delhi made a two-part documentary film called “Search for an Alternative Cure” on his methods of rehabilitation of coma and stroke patients. This was shown on prime time television in two parts in January 1989. Following the programme, thousands of patients came to his clinic in Delhi with various forms of disability. The landlord was upset that he closed the clinic. He tried to find other premises but nobody was willing to give him a place. He left India for Hong Kong in 1989 and then moved to London in 1991.


His success with stroke patients was being noticed in London. The Geriatric Wing of Hammersmith Hospital in London decided to do a clinical trial of his rehabilitation technique (which he called “Marma Therapy “as a dedication to the ancient system on which it was based).

In the trial, the average age of the elderly victims of stroke, was 80.3 years and the minimum time lapse since the onset was 1 year. Physiotherapists assessed all the 12 cases and wrote a verdict that they were “untreatable”. Dr Ali worked for 5 months under the supervision of a senior consultation from Hammersmith Hospital, offering 3 treatments a week. At the end of the study, all patients showed improved functional capabilities, 4 patients walked with aid  and one walked unaided. The trial was considered a good success and the technique was recommended for a larger study with 100 cases. Unfortunately, the funding could not be found.

In 2003 another trial was set up by Peninsula Medical School in Exeter, UK.  17 patients were treated. The results published in The Journal of Physical Rehabilitation in 2005. The technique was found to be effective and further research was recommended.

Dr Ali and his team treated hundreds of victims of stroke, cerebral palsy, microcephaly, birth injuries and some victims of spinal injuries where the spinal cord was not severed.

Dr Ali wrote a book called “The Ultimate Back Book ” where he described how muscle and ligament damage/strain affect the alignment of the Vertebrae, causing  disc bulge, resulting in severe backache. Having treated thousands of backache over his 35-year career, he is considered to be an authority in this Field. He also treats osteoarthritis, sports injuries and other traumas. Migraines and headaches are treated using his other techniques.

This 23 year old Omani gentleman had a car accident in 2014. He had initial treatment in Oman and Thailand with no improvement. He is a paraplegic with reduced eyesight. Feeds through a tube and has a tracheostomy. Making slow but steady progress with treatments at the Time Reversal Spa Oman since Jan 2017.

About Time Reversal Rehab Spa at Jabel Akhdar, Oman

The resort is located at 2000 m above sea level. It is located at the edge of a beautiful canyon in the Jabel Akhdar Mountains. The  views, especially at sunset and sunrise are spectacular. The night sky is lit up with stars and one frequently  sees shooting stars from that height.

The weather is very pleasant most of the year. The peak summer temperature is 26-30 Deg C at midday, cooler in the morning and evening. Winter temperature at night is 5-10 Deg C and 20-22 Deg C during the day. Occasional snowfall in winter transforms the mountains into a picturesque place.

The resort has 27 rooms.  There is a very good restaurant headed by an Executive Chef who previously worked for a well-known hotel chain.

The buildings are made of fossilised rocks collected from the local mountains. There is a swimming pool and an outdoor Jacuzzi with a spectacular view of the mountains. The resort is clean and the staffs are friendly. There is Wifi and other amenities. Excursions to historic deserted village, caves and quaint villages can be arranged. During season rose bushes and pomegranate trees are in abundance in  the valley. From Muscat Airport it is 1 hour 45 mins drive with great views. Access to the mountains is strictly by 4- wheel drive.

What is Dr Ali’s Technique?

There are two sets of vessels supplying blood to the brain, namely the carotid arteries  located behind the muscles of the neck and the vertebral  arteries, located in a pair of canals in the neck vertebrae. The carotid arteries known to supply blood to the conscious part of the brain ( cortex ) while the vertebral arteries seem to supply blood to the subconscious or autonomous brain, the very area that controls circulation, breathing, hormones, sleep, balance, gait, energy, immune system etc. Dr Ali developed a technique with which the blood and brain fluid circulation in the brain can be improved. This enhances the functions of the vital centres of the brain. In stroke, whiplash, birth injuries like cord around the neck or forceps delivery, other  birth injuries, head and neck injuries etc the reduction of oxygen supply to the brain is the primary cause. Dr Ali’s technique improves  blood or oxygen supply to the brain and  helps to reinstate the normal functioning of the brain, thus curing the cause of some disabilities. His massage technique on  the affected limbs, stimulates the muscles and nerves. Specific  exercises that are recommended enhance the rehabilitation process.

What is the effect of altitude on health?

Dr Ali has carried out treatments in high altitude in the Indian Himalayas for over 25 years. At high altitude, body’s immune system, stamina, fitness, energy, healing power and endurance are all heightened. There is a boost to the innate healing power. Everything from fracture, stroke, and bruises to chronic fatigue seems to heal better at altitude.  While stimulating the bone marrow to produce more blood cells in response to low oxygen level, the entire body is made  to function with increased efficiency.  Dr Ali uses this unique phenomenon of the body to heal various ailments.
Sports Medicine regularly uses high altitude to improve stamina and endurance with great success. Athletes and marathon runners only train in high altitude.    Disabled people also  respond better to the rehabilitation therapy  at high altitude.

How safe is it?

During research in UK Institutes, the Ethical Committees thoroughly assessed the safety of this technique and in 30 years of its use, no recorded complication was found.

Who does the treatments?

The treatment is supervised either by Dr Ali or his assistant who is a  qualified Ayurvedic doctor, specialising in rehabilitation. All therapists are certified  in  massage therapy and trained personally by Dr Ali in his unique technique. Yoga is done by a certified and experienced therapist.

What is the treatment plan?

Since most patients are chronic and have been assessed / treated  by neurologists or orthopaedic surgeons and physiotherapists,  they are expected to bring their medical reports at the time of the initial consultation. After that the therapists are instructed to treat accordingly to the recommended protocol. All patients are instructed  to follow a dietary regime, have  regular    treatments ( about 2 hrs a day ) and do  the exercises .Those who are severely disabled are usually treated in their  rooms. It is strongly advised that a  relative or helper stays with the patient. Accommodations for helpers are also  available in the nearby flats, belonging to the resort. Helpers can also  be arranged locally.

What are the different types of accommodation?

A standard room has a bed, ensuite bathroom and comfortable furniture. There is a  fridge, TV, facilities for making tea, laundry service, in room dining facilities.  All rooms have air conditioners.

Deluxe Rooms are more spacious and all the above services are there.
A  Suite has  a bedroom and a sitting room and is spacious.

How does one book?

Send medical details to  doctor@timereversal.net
For bookings send email to  reservation@timereversal.net
You can also call the  guest services  on +96825429288/+96829388/+96825429366

A child with Cerebral Palsy, made good progress in physical and mental development.

A patient who was in coma after a motor car accident, remained wheelchair bound for 11 months. He was treated at Time Reversal Spa Oman and went on to walk and talk after 3 months.

This Omani gentleman had a motor car accident and was paralysed from hip down. He was treated in Kerala for 7 months but had no improvement. After 3 months of treatment at Time Reversal Spa Oman, was able to move his legs and hips. He can stand with callipers without support.

This Omani gentleman had a stroke in 2016. He was treated at Time Reversal Spa for a month.

This Omani gentleman had a stroke in 2014 and was wheelchair bound for 2 years. He was treated at Time Reversal Spa Oman for 3 months. He walked independently .



Patient from Nizwa in Oman. He had a stroke in 2016. He was treated at Time Reversal Spa Oman. He was wheelchair bound initially but after 6 weeks of treatment he began to walk independently.