Health & Well-being

When one goes to an altitude, the oxygen level in the air is low. The body quickly adapts to that by producing extra red blood cells to compensate for the increased demand for oxygen, in maintaining energy and well-being. At first, the heart beats faster, the breathing pattern changes, one’s appetite increases and the body becomes sluggish in order to help the body to cope with the reduced oxygen level in the rarefied air. After adaptation takes place with increased haemoglobin in blood, all the abnormalities are rectified. The rate of adaptation depends on one’s state of health, blood pressure, haemoglobin level, nutrition and the level of emotional stress.

“Programme consists of nutrition, walks, massage & yoga, relaxation, moderation and swimming.”


Dr Ali’s High Altitude Integrated Healthcare Programme

As Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine said, there is an innate healing power in all living beings that not only protects them from illnesses but also maintains health. This self-healing power is the most important parameter of life. Thus the common cold, simple cuts, burns, fractures, diarrohea, bruises, sprains and host of illnesses are cured by this innate healing power, without the need for any medication or intervention. Similarly, body temperature, chemical or cellular composition of blood, hormone or enzyme production in the body, breathing or heart rate and the immune system are all controlled by a process called homeostasis, which is precisely is controlled by the innate healing power.

This innate healing power is nurtured by diet, exercises, massage, adequate amount of water and sound sleep.

Health and Well-being depend on the following factors :

  • How much you eat and how well do you eliminate
  • How much you work and how much do you rest
  • How long you stay awake and how much you sleep
  • How much energy you have and how tired you get at the end of the day
  • How quickly you heal and how easily you fall sick
  • How often do you get agitated and how quickly you calm down

Dr Ali has created a unique programme called Integrated Healthcare which is efficacious and safe. The circulatory, respiratory, digestive, skeleto-muscular, hormonal, immune systems as well as the emotions, sleep, feel good factor and mental calmness, are all taken into account in this programme.

The synergistic effect of different modalities of therapies, used in this programme, creates optimum health and well-being.

Shortly after arrival, our resident doctor will examine you and chalk out your plan of treatment plan. They daily programme includes walks in the plateau or mountain trails, one or two sessions of therapeutic massage as per recommendations, yoga, massage and swimming. The more active you are, the better the adaptation, which in turn boosts your body’s defence system.

The chefs prepare healthy and tasty food. As it is a health facility, excess use of sugar or salt or oil in the cooking  is prohibited . Generally, buffet meals are supplied to cater to the requirements of the diet but a healthy a  la carte menu is also available. However, burgers, hot curries, fast food etc will not be served in consideration of the other spa guests who are on a restricted diet.

Dr Ali Time Reversal Spa Oman
Dr Ali Time Reversal Spa Oman
Dr Ali Time Reversal Spa Oman
Dr Ali Time Reversal Spa Oman
Dr Ali Time Reversal Spa Oman
Dr Ali Time Reversal Spa Oman

Jabel Al Akhdar

The Time Reversal Spa is located in building which made of locally mined fossilised rocks and therefore it blends in with the surroundings. As it is located at the edge of a deep canyon, a strong glass partition has been built there for safety. The views are spectacular, especially at sunrise and sunset.

The rooms are simple but very clean. It has facilities for teas and water is provided. We do conserve water as it is pumped to that altitude from natural springs in the mountains.

Weather :

As it is in the mountains, the temperature is never too hot during the summer months.

Summer ( May to September ) : 22-32 C Occasional rain

Winter    ( October to April ) :  5-22 C Sunny and cool in the shade